Odoo School Management

Odoo School Management can be used by Schools/Colleges to manage their daily activities

Manage School with just one click

Odoo School Management helps in managing routine school activities with just one click

Odoo School Management Module which is used by Schools/Colleges to manage there daily activities like, Employees,Students,& parent’s details, Books and Library Records, Admission Process,Assignments,Exams- Results and Reports,Events,Transports, Attendance,Timetable,Fees and Other Reports. It gives one point access to manage these wide ranges of activities effectively and hence enhance efficiency of The overall system.

Features of School Management

Odoo School Management system with its gamut of features makes the everyday school management tasks a breeze

  • Manage Admission Procedure

  • Student Details like contacts,Medical,Academic

  • Teacher/Parents Details

  • Allows Teachers to Create and Assign Assignments to Student

  • Conduct Exams ,Exam Results and Progress/Report Cards of Students

  • Manage Transportation System

  • Manage Various Events in School/Colleges

  • Create Timetable

  • Keep Record of Daily Attendance

  • Generate Reports like Identity Cards,Timetable,Transport Route Details, Event Details etc

  • Manage Fee

Fully Integrated
The information your need, where you need it

Saving time for review student's personal info, family info, awards, certificates and remarks related information; they are all conveniently accessible when viewing student.

Your Grade System

Load and Manage grade system of your school.

News Update and Reminders

Manage and Get reminders about things going to be happen.

Teacher Profile

Manage teacher profile and subjects assigned to teacher.

Parents Profile

Manage parent profile of the student.

Student Identity Card

User can print Identity Card of student.

Library Management
This module provides features to manage library information like Books, Publishers, Authors and Book Tracking.
Card Details

Librarian can create number of Identity card for Student and Teacher.

Book Information

Librarian can create and update book details.

Book Request
School Fees Management
Fees Structure

Select Fees Structure Name,Code and account of the fees structure and user can add multiple fees pay lines in this tab.

Fees Receipt Process
  • User selects the fee structure and confirms the payment

  •  Payment is made by the user

  •  User click on payment button and generate invoice

  •  User can see his own invoice by clicking on invoices button

Fees Register

User can create fees register and print the register from here.

Student PaySlip Report

 User can print the fee receipt of particular student.

Exam Management
Exam Result
  • User assigns marks of the subjects

  • According to the marks and conditions set the student will be declared Pass or Fail

  • Student can also ask for re-evaluation of marks.

Additional Exam

User can create or edit Additional Exam.

Additional Exam Result

User can create additional exam results.

Exam Timetable

User can create and update exam timetable.

BatchWise Result

User can generate batchwise result.


Generate batchwise result report.


Generate exam timetable report.

School Assignment Management
Teacher's Task 
  • Teacher uploads the assignment for students.

  •  When active button is clicked the assignment is assigned to the students of standard and class selected.

  •  Teacher can approve and reject the assignment.

Student Assignment

 Student can see his own assignment.

Timetable Management

This module provides the features of school timetable management.

The user can create and edit timetable of particular class and academic year

Timetable Report

User can print regular timetable report.




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