Concept Development

We architect solutions for business needs. Our concept development document describes solution at a relatively high level providing a client with a written artefact that articulates the concept of vision for this specific business.

Proof of Concept Implementations

We take a developed concept and do a rapid PoC so client teams can interact with a tangible prototype to see if the concept is effective or if further refinement of the concept is needed. The advantage a PoC leverages is to present a tangible prototype before putting into action the development of a fully built system. This avoids the pitfalls of key stakeholders not being aligned on what the concept and the solution is.

FIT/GAP Analysis

We test existing solutions and new concepts and identify if current business requirements are met with the proposed solution or to identify gaps where new solutions would need to be built.

Landscape and Roadmap Design

Solution implementations need a strong groundwork to be effective. Our business and technology architecture document lays out the roadmap for the implementation resulting in a seamless and efficient framework